HDPE obstacles manufactured by Noxup

NOXUP - manufacturer of HDPE obstacles for wakeboarding

wakepark przeszkoda wodna

We love watersports

For nearly 15 years we have been constructing industrial equipment using thermoplastics. We have combined experience with a passion for water sports and so was born the brand NOXUP.

We are the team of engineers and riders who design and implement water obstacles for wakeparks. Our goal is to ensure maximum safety and fun together with durability and low maintenance cost.

Our products are made by butt-welding, extrusion welding and CNC machining of HDPE. This construction material is guaranteeing a long and trouble-free operation.

All our obstacles are available for Full Size Cable wakeparks and for system 2.0 (2 pylones).

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Wakeboard obstacles

We provide all popular types of obstacles used in wakeparks: kickers, pipes, rails and funboxes. Each of these obstacles is a tested and enjoyed shape that gives a lot of fun and enables a range of acrobatics. All riders love the variety, so it is the best to use a combination of 2-3 different obstacles arranged in sets.

We can help you with planning of your wakepark, including arrangement of obstacles, selection of suitable types for a given shape of cable, determining the distance of obstacles from each other, and so on.

przeszkody wakeboardowe - kickery


An absolute necessity in every park. Many sizes, from the smallest - for the less daring riders, to models for the advanced riders.

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przeszkody wakeboardowe - rury


Classic obstacle that can’t be replaced by anything else. Sometimes simplicity is a good starting point. Only limited by imagination. Who has tried it once…

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przeszkody wakeboardowe - raile


Simple shapes - the possibility of evolution is limited only by the imagination of Riders.

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przeszkody wakeboardowe - funboxy


The base obstacles for beginners and advanced players. Large area of advertising and promotion of your wakepark.

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Our team



Responsible for organisation, finance – in one word – she is the boss.

Aleksander - technik w Noxup


Technology, production and logistics.

Cezary - rider wakeboardowy


Our team rider
Inspiration and tests of new obstacles.

What makes us special?

najwyższa jakość materiałów

High quality materials

All of our obstacles are made by butt welding, welding and machining of HDPE. We use a special grade of HDPE UV stabilized. That is why we can ensure long-life and low maintenance costs

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15 lat doświadczenia w projektowaniu przeszkód do wakeparków

15 years of experience

Our team consists of experienced engineers, whose knowledge and experience guarantee the highest quality of wakeboard obstacles.

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przeszkody zaprojektowane by trwać w wakeparkach

Designed to last

All of our obstacles are designed and manufactures according to DVS 2205 i EN 12 573. Our obstacles are 100% made of polyethylene. As they do not have any steel parts, they are safe and corrosion resistant.

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